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The initial 30 minute consultation is FREE. My goal is to provide an engaging, enjoyable and productive experience during every session. Before we start working together, I would like to learn more about you and your student.

What are you looking for in a math tutor? What specific math topics or subjects is your student studying? Which ones do they understand and which ones are they struggling with? What are the both of you looking to get out of having a math tutor? What are your goals? What is the next level of education your student is looking to aspire to? What career path are your student looking at? What has worked and what hasn’t worked for your student in the past? I will ask the both of you these questions and some others in an initial consultation session before we start.

From there we will come up with a plan and best approach.
Our rate is simple: $50/hour. Below is more information on how we can help you or your student.
Deepen Your Enjoyment & Interest of Math
Deepen Your Enjoyment & Interest of Math

Keys to Math Learning

There are many keys to math learning and enjoyment. While I offer only a few of them, as we learn together, we may find ourselves opening new doorways. During our consultation session, I will ask you which keys you would like to try. This is a unique opportunity to deepen your interest and enjoyment of math.

If you’ve struggled with math anxiety or wonder why you should even bother to study it, this may be the place to start.

Subject Matter Math Tutoring

Weather you are the student, or you are the parent of a student who is struggling, I can help. I have expertise in high school and college algebra, geometry, precalculus, trigonometry, calculus and college algebra. Bring in your questions, exercises and topics from one of these particular subjects. Sessions will be interactive. Be prepared to get involved!

Our solutions are customized - not only to the student, but the subject as well. This is why I like to get to know my students so well (and vice versa). Trust is paramount in a tutoring setting.
Math tutoring at any level
Math tutoring at any level

Discover how you learn best. Time management.
Discover how you learn best. Time management.

Math Study Skills Training

Study skills can be essential to truly understanding and enjoying any math subject. We will look at your current studies with an eye to improving your study skills. Topics could include:

Discovering the best ways for you to learn math
How to read a math textbook
Time management and study breaks

We look forward to discover how you learn best to help you or your student succeed.
My approach is to work together, not do your homework for you. Doing this for you won’t lead to lasting enjoyment and engagement with math. Math is not a spectator sport! The goal is for you to develop lasting enjoyment, engagement and capabilities in math. Although I may nerd out on math, I know your kid may find it tough or boring. We approach math from unique perspective showing how you help them. I’m excited for the opportunity to work with you to increase your interest, passion and skills in math!
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