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Math doesn’t need to be hard, get your students the help they need.

As a parent, you do everything you can to help you kids. You want them to have a bright future, and in order to follow their dreams, they need a well rounded education.

If your student has math anxiety, hates studying, or is coming home deflated and frustrated, we are here to not only help them understand and enjoy math, but give you peace of mind. We at
Math Keys believe mathamatics doesn’t have to be hard. Our customized math tutoring services and math-skills training teaches your kid what they need to feel confident when it comes to math. Help them pass their classes and find ease in solving equations that they will encounter far beyond high school and into their budding careers. Watch your kid excel, math grades improve, and move forward with confidence.

Contact us to set up a consultation. In this complimentary call, we will discuss what areas of mathamatics your kid needs help with. We will customize a
math tutor program for your kid that will help them reach their goals and move forward with confidence.

About Your Math Tutor

Ryan Ogren: After getting my B.A. in mathematics at Augsburg College,  my career path has led me to teaching math at a couple of innovative charter schools, teaching mental health wellness at an organization in St. Paul, going to graduate school for mathematics at the University of North Dakota and then teaching math at a couple more superb charter schools. 

Math has been a journey for me. There have been ups and downs. Mistakes and inspirations.  Successes and challenges. It hasn’t always been easy for me, which is why I get where your kid is coming from.

I’m eager to meet you and your family and help you find ease and clarity when it comes to math.

Math Tutoring Services

Keys to Math Learning

Deepen Your Enjoyment & Interest of Math
Deepen Your Enjoyment & Interest of Math

If you or your student has struggled with math anxiety or wonder why you should even bother to study it, this may be the place to start.

Subject Matter Tutoring

Math tutoring at any level
Math tutoring at any level

Algebra, geometry, pre-calculus, trigonometry, calculus and college algebra - math tutoring at any level. Bring your questions. Sessions are interactive.

Study Skills Training

Discover how you learn best. Time management.
Discover how you learn best. Time management.

We will look at your current study habits and work to improve them - including time management and appropriate study breaks.

Steps to Succeeding in Math

Step 1 - Reach Out

Recognize that you or your child is struggling in math and reach out to me for tutoring services. The fist step is know help is needed.

Step 2 - Plan & Implement

We devise a customized plan that fits you or your child's learning habits and where they are struggling. We then implement. 

Step 3 - Watch

Site back, and watch you or your child find their confidence and joy in applying math in ways they never thought necessary or possible.

Math Tutoring Reviews

“He cares about his students’ success, and he is very thoughtful about how best to help his students learn.”
-Ryan Zerr, math professor at UND
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